In Conversation with Anne Spooner, Australian Wetlands Activist

Australian freelance journalist, Rutaban Yameen, met with veteran wetlands expert, scientist and activist, Anne Spooner.
Ms Spooner is based in Brisbane, Australia and is trained as a biologist. She has been active in researching, documenting and campaigning for the conservation and protection of wetlands in Queensland for over 30 years, in particular for the Boondall Wetlands. Here she discusses her experiences as a volunteer, the history of the Boondall Wetlands and activism for conservation.
Boondall Wetlands, Brisbane, Australia is an important  urban wetland system within the Ramsar designated Morton Bay area in Queensland.

 Born in Bangladesh, Rutaban Yameen was raised in Melbourne and Brisbane. She graduated from the University of Queensland. Rutaban is formally admitted and trained as a lawyer. Follow her on Twitter @RutabanYameen.

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