Books and Audio-Visuals

Paul, S. (Ed.), 2013, ?Workbook for managing urban wetlands in Australia?. 1st edn .(Sydney Olympic Park Authority), eBook available through (

Published by the Sydney Olympic Park Authority, this eBook addresses a broad range of wetland?related issues including the socio?political aspects of wetlands and their current legal status in Australia as well as the ecology, rehabilitation and management of both freshwater and estuarine wetlands and wetland monitoring in Australia. The text comprises of 5 sections and 28 chapters by leading wetland scientists, ecologists and professionals and utilises many case studies and practical examples of wetland management. A useful collection of practical information on urban wetlands for those currently involved in managing wetlands, students and all others interested in the management of urban wetlands.

Kar, D., 2013, ‘Wetlands and Lakes of the World’, Springer

A recent release (first published July 31, 2013), ‘Wetlands and Lakes of the World’ is a perfect lab and/or field studies guide, and is suitable for both undergraduates and postgraduates, researchers, policy makers, administrators, etc. The book provides a holistic view of the linkages between limnology (physico?chemical and biological features) and fisheries of the wetlands in India and is well supported by the author’s orginal data. The book concentrates on the common, fundamental features of all aquatic systems, with the details of processes and applications with examples. It also contains a well?organised listing and description of the wetlands in India, with reference to wetlands around the world.