South Asia: Kolkata Wetlands Under Threat.


Two large wetlands in Kolkata, India are under threat from dumping and urban development. While dumping rubbish to build a road is gradually filling one up, developers have begun claiming that a portion of the wetland falls under their property. It is claimed that at least a 30 feet stretch of the water body was filled over just a few days. Residents of Hatgachia colony (located adjacent to the wetland) claimed that previously the water bodies contained clean water used for fish culture, bathing, washing and other daily needs. Locals and green activists have staged protests against the illegal developments and the police have been notified. The state environment department, state fishery department and the Kolkata Municipal Corporation have also been alerted. A notice has been issued and hung at the site, and an FIR has been lodged. It is claimed that the illegal filling of the wetland has, for now, ceased. Read more


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